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Hi everyone,


I haven't posted on here before, but am really hoping someone out there can help me. My setting uses a very outdated and old fashioned way of planning and we really need to update it, but I'm not sure where to start. HELP!! I'd like the planning to be focussed on the children's interests and for it to evolve week to week. Any ideas or suggestions welcome!!!

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Hi and welcome to the forum - congratulations on making your first post! :1b


Have you tried a forum search? Give it a go - you will find all sorts of examples that some very kind people have shared.....

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Hi there,


not sure if this is any use, but we have recently tweaked all of our planning formats & so far they are much better than in the past... We now have a plan for "enhanced environment" (which is basically child initiated resources) We plan out for the mon, then each eve we spend 10 mins looking through our observations and adding in / changing things for the next day - or for other days if for example a child on Mon was really into building with the tyres & crates, but they are not in again until Wed, we will jot down to remind us to provide that again on the Wed. We are a purpose built setting, so while we plan to have certain resources out, the children still have access to other resources & are able to independently select and use other toys etc.


As for group activities, we have a group plan which focuses on one child. Each Key Person picks two or three of their children a week to come up with an activity for, so around 6 focused activities over the week as a starting point. These are then mapped out onto a very basic weekly over view, along with any extra activities (ie street party on Friday)


Hope these are useful in some way


Debbie x


environment weekly plan week 7.doc

weekly planning grid wk 7.docx

invites - activity plan.docx

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Hi SarahMc


Well done on making your first post....always a bit daunting I know :1b


There is lots of stuff in the resource library too that you may not have come across, here is how to find it;


Click on 'Resources' in the navigation bar running across the top of the screen and then chose 'Resource Library' from the drop down list.


Hope you find some interesting things in there and I am sure others will be along soon but as Sunnyday has suggested a forum search (search box top right hand corner of screen) is a good place to start too as planning is a very constant topic on the forum ;)

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