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Deputy May Have Broken Her Wrist A Couple Of Weeks Ago At The Setting

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Hope you can offer some insight into my little Monday morning problem.


One of the deputies fell over a few weeks ago whilst at the setting taking a short cut by climbing over a child's settee. At the time she said she was OK, a few days later she said she bruised her wrist and knee. Then at the weekend she went to A&E who say she MAY have broken her wrist but not showing on X-Ray, will need a scan, and was given a splint to wear.


However, she would not put it on today even though I said she should as she said she can't do anything with it on. Having a possible broken wrist has not appeared to hinder her work today. She says she doesn't want to do anything until she knows for sure but the scan is not until 10 days or so as she cancelled her appointment for a week's time because she couldn't get cover at work though she had only tried one member of staff.


Has anybody experienced anything similar? I was obviously concerned whether she should be working, and whether she should be wearing the splint, she said she wasn't told she had to wear it all the time.???


What processes do I have to go through as she injured herself at work?


Has anyone had an employee working in a similar situation or with a plaster cast on?


This is a new one on me!

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It is a new one on me too, but just a few thoughts.

Would she miss out on pay if she takes the time off as sick leave? I am wondering if that could be in her mind or could she be concerned about spoiling a good attendance record. I think I might find a time to talk to her on her own about any concerns she may have, and also share why you are concerned. Perhaps I might do this by completing a risk assessment with the member of staff at a time that she knows is set aside for it . I would make sure I had the conversation written up and signed by both parties whether she still insisted on working or not.

I think I might also call to ACAS to make sure I had done everything I could. My policy has always been 'if in doubt phone them'

Good luck

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I worked (as a deputy) with a plaster cast on a broken wrist. On doctors advice I had one week off and then came back to work. We did a risk assessment and worked out exactly what I could and couldn't do.


Even injured I was more effective and could keep up with Learning Journeys and obs etc than a member of bank staff.

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My concern would be, it could be an injury sustained at work, and there fore could a claim arise from it?


if so then by not wearing the splint could she be aggravating that injury and making it worse.. particularly as it has not been diagnosed yet.. If broken not wearing the splint could make it worse..heal incorrectly and need more treatment.


She may have been told not need to wear it all the time but in most cases this would relate to things like showering and maybe bed/sleep, but when using the arm it should be splinted, or they would not have given her one..


a compromise could be she works but must wear the splint in work, explaining your reasons about not aggravating to making it worse, always a chance of another accident happening on same place,incorrect healing which could cause issues later, better safe etc..


if she insists on not wearing it have her sign a disclaimer and/or put your issues about it in writing and give to her so she is aware of the implications of not following medical advice.

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Good advice from Inge.


A member of staff broke her ankle nearly a year ago in the nursery garden and I did do a RIDDOR report and had a visit to check my risk assessments etc. I did the form online and it tells you when you have to inform them. In my case the staff member had always been fine until this happened but I'm sure she was thinking about suing - no fault was found with my procedures/premises so she didn't in the end but you do have to be careful.


When she was due to come back to work I talked to her about the need to risk assess to help prevent reoccurrence and to look at what she could do in terms of duties. She didn't like this at all and resigned but I maintain risk assessment and capability assessment is necessary to protect the employee and to cover your own back and to make sure the children are looked after properly

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Thank you all very much for your thoughts and advise, very much appreciated.


I have spoken to her again today, it could be her thumb that is broken (near the wrist) - I must listen I just get the shivers talking about broken bones!


I will put our conversations in writing to cover myself and the setting especially where I felt she should wear the splint, and take the earlier scan rather than delaying it. The accident form has now been completed (retrospectively). She said she was fine when she did it, and the next day said she had bruised herself. I think I will have to wait until she has the fracture confirmed before contacting RIDDOR, although a fracture to the thumb would appear to not be necessary to report, any incapacity for over 7 days must be reported and I think this is where it falls under RIDDOR, although again she has not as yet been incapacitated. Though I tried last night and tonight to click on the online forms part of the site but the webpage just sits there not connecting.


If she has broken her thumb I will do a risk assessment and capability assessment.


Thanks again for your help.

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