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Health & Safety?!


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I wanted to share this with you. I think I have a future health and safety executive in my class!


Yesterday as I was walking outside one of my little boys (who was already out there) held his hand up to me and said (in a very stern voice)


"STOP! Miss D"


Me: "Why?"


B: "Don't come forwards!"


Me: "Why?!"


B (very seriously) "There's a nettle on the floor!" :o


Me (trying hard not to giggle): "What could we do about it?"


B, looks around raises finger in the air and then says I know, he collects some cones off our outside trolley and then coned off the offending bit of vegetation! He then used two of the cones to pick up the nettle and carry it safely over to the bin. Just so sweet (and everyone in the staff room has enjoyed my dramatic re-enactment!)

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Don't worry - he already has the hard hat - he was wearing it when he design a new set of holes for the meercats in our zoo role play area! I have to fill in a health & safety check regularly at school - I'm thinking of handing over the responsibility to this boy!

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