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A colleague and I are starting a story club for Nursery and Reception children, as an afterschool activity. Chosing some stories to read to the children and then do some roleplay is our initial idea. Does anyone have ideas we could use to add variety? Anything would be much appreciated. Thanks. :1b

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What a lovely activity jean.

Just a few ideas

  • have a theme e.g. books about bear, dinosaurs, superheroes
  • an activity to go home linked to your book - always good to engage parents - even if it is just to do a bit of 'research' linked to an author - a webiste to visit or You Tube clip to watch - thinking of some lovely Juila Donaldson ones
  • make simple puppets and puppet theatres (shoe box and lolly sticks - cut out characters from comics)
  • record the children acting or reading their favourite story and play back (have you a flip camera of video function on your camera)
  • Record into microphones saying a rhyme or poem

and one that I use with my nursery group which works really well is to make up their own story. The adult facilitates the main structure e.g. 'Once upon a time there was a ..... One (day/night/weekend etc) the... decided to go to..... etc. We have lots of practice doing these orally and when the children get the idea we begin to write them - adult scribing first then children make their own story book and write their own stories.

hope these give you some ideas good luck it sounds a great after school club. Do keep us posted as to how it goes. maybe you could start a blog!

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Iagree with apple - lovely idea- we have used story kebabs ( using differnet items rolled up in material as props for our stories) I often do story telling with the children using a piece of material and some abstract items - we all si around edge of material - I start off with for example - in the deep dark forest and one by one the children pick an item from the bag pretend it to be something else and make up the story , we keep repeating the story as it builds to help reinforce, its a great way to see your ones that use their imagination and thoses who need help and encouragement. Good luck , keep us updated.

Julia Donaldson is children laureate - take a look on world book day site for ideas- she also has a new book out this month too about a mermaid.

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Sounds like a lovely idea.

Linking to Apple's suggestion of children creating their own stores, I once attended a conference where Vivian Gussein Paly demonstrated with a fairly large group of children, how to support them to create, and then 'act out' their own stores, she was very inspirational and in the past I've used her methods with 3 year olds with some wonderful results - might be worth seeking out information/a book of hers (not sure if I've spelt her name correctly).

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Hi All,

Just wanted to give an update on our story club. We have had thrlee sessions now. The children seem to be enjoying them.

Your suggestions were great. I've used two Julia Donaldson books Stick Man and the princess and the wizard, where we read the stories and then followed up with acttivities - making our own stick men and creating our own spells. Also tried Story Kebabs in our daytime sessions. Very succesful.

This week we had a magic carpet ride. The childrens imaginations go into overdrive with a bit of prompting. It is going well.

Thank you all. Jean :rolleyes:

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