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we have some money to purchase resoruces and one of the items I would like is some climbing equipment to be used outdoors.

We used to have a simple wooden square climbing frame but it was really hard (and stressful) to supervise and it wasnt very inspiriing at all either. Also it had to folded and brought indoors at the end of the day as it couldnt be left outside.


I really like the look of the timberline item - but it is very expensive and would take a significant chunk of the budget...




there is a similar much cheaper option but doesnt look like it'd last as long...though appears to offer the same opportunities with the addition of a slide.




anyway what id like to ask is what if any opportunities for climbing you offer, any comments on the items above (maybe you have one of them??), any other recommendations / ideas...



We have several who climb everything at present (furniture, fences...etc) hence the desire to get something they can climb on!

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usually staff climbing the walls at our place :D joking- we have the sort of climbing frame you were referring to for indoor use , outside we have metal one with tent and slide , large tractor wheels that have lids so can be climbed on too , I think the ones you like are good and i expect the price difference is due to quality , the cheaper one has gaps between boards so may be ok for domestic use rahter than lots of children using it,

we also have some litho blocks ( i think thats what they are called) plastic coloured blocks that link together for climbing and tunnelling but again really indoor use.

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We have a square wooden climbing frame too (must be standard issue!) we have fixed ours outside permanently, attached to a fence and under a roof. I agree it was a pain to supervise initially but the children have free access to it and now they are much more practiced it is much easier and they are so much more capable and confident on it. They are allowed to move the ladder around and we have shown them how to place it safely and we haven't really had any accidents, just the occasional scrape. The other benefit is that it doubles up as a den or role play area... burning building/building site with the pulleys, house etc.


We also have several lorry and tractor tyres, some small tyres (car, moped, motorbike maybe) and some planks of wood which they use to build bridges and obstacle courses. Again, we've shown them how to carry the wood safely so they don't take anyones head off and we don't have many accidents. The big tyres are great for using as a platform for builders trays too, just the right height for children to play/work at small world or sensory and we sometimes use this set up for big elaborate water play with the addition of drainipes and builders trays on the ground for splashing in or jumping off the big tyres into.


I'm looking forward to hearing other people's ideas too.

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