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I have EYFSP moderation tomorrow - am not exactly bothered about it; have done it twice before and I know that I know my children. I'm doing a last update of learning journeys and evidence tonight so will probably spend the night worrying that I don't have enough evidence for the focus areas.


No, the bit I'm really worried about is that last time I was moderated the moderation went really well but Ofsted called with their 2 days notice in the middle of it. The subsequent inspection wasn't great for me so not only did my 'moderation success' get lost in the Ofsted stress but there wasn't much positive about that week!


Please keep your fingers crossed that Ofsted don't call tomorrow!


BTW one of my boys made me a crown today out of some corrugated display border (I get all the other teachers to give me their 'rubbish' when they put new displays out). It was too big so he got a new bit, held it round my head then counted the 'bumps' (up to 14) so he knew where to cut it, went away and did it and returned with a perfectly fitting crown (which I've worn all day only remembering half way through a 'difficult' meeting with a parent!) Does that count as problem solving? Which strand of PSRN or all/some of them? I really struggle with knowing what constitutes problem solving.

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What is he demonstrating?

Towards NLC point 8. He is using his knowledge of the number system to count to help solve the problem of the sizing. The number 14 is being used as a label for the exact amount he needs.

Towards SSM point 8 He is using his knowledge of size - he recognizes that the crown is too small and is able to make it fit by adding the additional card or whatever to match the size he needs.


(I'm a moderator. I'd love to hear this kind of evidence for PSRN!!)



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Catma - thank you for the reassurance. It really helps. Moderation went really well - she said I was good at my job - it's been a very long time since anyone 'external' to school said that. She said I knew my children and was methodical and organised with lots of 'NICE' evidence. I need to work on getting a little more parental involvement and input. She thought I needed to feel a bit 'freer' to actually give points - it was clear from discussion with me that I knew my children and had evidence for far more points than I'd written that they had.


I agree wholeheartedly - I am just a weensy bit obsessive ;) and find it really hard when using the profile handbook to not look for those exact examples in my own class. My head says (kindly) that I think too much! However, I also know that a problem for me (which was highlighted in the moderation) is that I don't feel secure enough in what my understanding of of mathematical problem solving is to say I've seen it. I think for myself I probably need to try and collect as big a bank of examples as possible - any ideas where I could start looking anyone?!

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Thank you. I've just re-read my first post and my apologies if it sounds really boastful - I was so relieved and happy to have finally got something right that I had a little weep to myself when I got home!

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