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Thought I Would Let You All Know....


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Hello again, you may all remember me (or not !) from last year re an incident with my son at school. Finally able to give you an update. The appeal panel although sympathetic, basically said that they couldnt set a precident(apols if spealt incorrectly) with my son as it would lead to other requests. So an in-year move to the nearer school was impossible and I wouldve had to wait until the end of year 2 before starting another in year appeal.


Things did improve re my sons confidence ( he started to tell them what and when things where happening) though I still had to ask for the child whom assaulted my son to apologise which they werent going to do as "too much time had passed and he wouldve forgotten". They did change their minds and do this though. Also the offending "evergreen bush" which obscured my son from the yard teacher is still needing a rather major pruning (its at least 6ft high and 2ft dense) they are deliberating (over the last three months and still going) over whom will prune it - the caretaker or grass cutters.......


Since then things have improved immensely as we have now left the school.Both boys left without any form of send off. On an impulse I had rung another local school whom had a vacancy in year one and four (by some miracle they had space for both my sons) because i was determined that my youngest son wasnt going to the same school.


They started there this week and i cant praise the school enough. They have made me feel like a normal human being and not some mad loony mother/child care provider. They couldnt have been more welcoming. The headmistress is hardly ever in her office and is on the playgroung (alternating with a deputy) at lunchtimes EVERY day. There are at least three staff on the playground EVERY morning and I could if I wanted leave my children their from 08.35 each day, knowing they are safe.


The stress is dissapating with each day. The only downside is that I have had to lose two of my after schoolies so am out of pocket financially but its a small price to pay for my peace of mind. Im feeling rather numbed by it ( in shock that all the anxieties have gone) all so will hopefully have landed back on earth by Friday. Just hope my hair returns to normal ( as it was starting to dissappear due to stress :()


Yesterday my second to yougest boy Christopher( whom had lost his confidence etc) was rather apprehensive and at my side before going into class with another classmate.


Today he annonuced as we arrived in the playground" its okay mum, I can take myself. I know where my class is " A very happy beginning


May I thank you all for being here for me. I truly dont know what I wouldve done without your knowlege and guidance.


Best wishes X

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Let's hope all your boys go from strength to strength now and watch out for that stress stuff - destressing is nearly as bad as getting stressed in the first place I have found, it can take a while and have some funny symptoms. So pleased for you all.

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