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Hi Guys


I'm looking forward to starting our pirate theme, we've got lots planned but it's driving me bonkers that I can't seem to find a story that exemplifies pirate vocabulary that suitable for EYFS children. Any ideas?


Thanks Nicky X

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some jokes:

why are pirates called pirates?? Because they RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

what is a pirate's favourite letter?? RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!


again, what is a pirates favourite letter?? R???? No...........they love the C !!!

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Must admit we have lots of pirate story books at pre-school, one of the things I did last time they went off on a pirate week was to make a glossary of terms for them to try to learn that week, we did a couple per day at circle time.

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Does anybody have any PSRN ideas relating to pirates? So far I've got matching objects to numerals using treasure, sing the song 'when I was one... the day I went to sea'.


Anything else? x

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Hi Sarah


We've done lots of repeating patterns to make pirate treasure. We used pasta, and other bits and bobs to make bracelets.


We made breakfast for the captain, making boiled eggs, using a timer, we played what time is it captain hook and learnt to tell o'clocks.


Made maps for the bee bots and counted the number of steps needed and used positional/ directional language.


I've made a rock pool in the water tray.....chn have sorted the shells. Chn have also sorted pirate jewels and treasure.


We have a pirate role play with cafe, the chn have been making pirate soup....I've since provided spoons, cauldrons, white boards and pens and recipe cards. ( so add 2 cups of pasta, 1 cup of grog etc.. )


Counting coins........hope that's of use, that's what I can remember from the last two weeks. If that's the type of thing you're looking for I'll post again with other ideas we will be trying for the next few weeks.



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