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I have just started in a new school in Nursery and haven't taught phase 1 phonics. It is a new Nursery and TAs not done Nursery before so very busy (more like a headless chicken). Can anyone suggest a phase 1 pack or anything that we can use for now until we can get our head around the phase. Need something we can access quickly and easy to implement. I have seen Singing Phonics that somebody has recommended. Has anyone used it or got any other ideas.


Your help would be very much appreciated!

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I agree with Catma, if you take a little moment or two to look at phase one, many of the ideas in there I expect most nurseries do as part of their everyday routines.


Obviously there are different aspects to phase one but most are very easily brought into a nursery session or focused activity group.


I think you need to have a quick read and I am sure you will find you are already doing lots of phase one in your daily work!


Good luck!

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