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Children Moving Into The Next Room


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i wonder if anybody is having the same problem as me.


At the moment in my setting we have 4 rooms. under 1's, under 2's, toddlers and pre-school, i am wondering if anybody has flexble rules when a child moves up into the next room. at the moment i use a window of anytime between 2 months before their birthday - 2 months after but i am having lots of problems.


i use the following in making my decision: The age of the child and the development of the child through observations and tracking and evaluating the childs progress termly. i have recently had a parent requesting for her child to be moved into the next room 4 months early because she thinks her child is quite bright. although her child is bright in areas she is quite average for other areas. Do i move the child up on the parents request , give the child visits to the other room, or stick to my 2 month rule and obviously meet the childs needs.


i have also been told by somebody that ofsted do not like a child moving up a room to early or having transition visits for a long period of time.


how would i explain this to ofsted


please help me

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