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Help Needed For Lesson Obs Please


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Im getting observed Tue and our topic is our Village- Im linking it in with Lazy town (with all charachters) and Im going to read a letter from sportacus explaining that he is coming to the village and he wants to know what is in the village ( previous day we will have covered the village, shops, building etc so children will have some knowledge)


We are going to begin writing aletter back as the carpet input and im hoping children will want o go write alette to Sportcus independently.


We did similar last year and the kids were excited but now Im struggling to think of WOW things to put in each area.

Role play will be lazy town ASDA and children will be buying food for the characters and writing shopping lists etc.


Craetive area- they are going to make and label some of the shops/building from the village


Im not sure what to do in painting, creative area, maths area etc.


Any advice would be great



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In the art area you could do drawings /paintings of fruit cut in half (sports candy) or printing with fruit/veg. Maths area I always have out activities connected with the PSRN objective for the week and/or the previous week so that children can consolidate skills so depends on what your objective is but you could stick with the fruit theme and do fruity number sentences/sorting. We have a superhero thing going on at the moment and we are thinking about time this week so we have had a selection of superhero challenges in the maths area to do in 1 minute which the children have to record-that would fit in with lazy town too eg how many times can you jump in 1 minute?

hope that helps


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Guest katie84

Ooo Deb,glad I looked at this link as I LOVE your maths area ideas against the timer! Will be linking them in with our superhero topic too!

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