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We are so close to getting our new building and setting up as a day nursery HOWEVER.... our prospective landlords are getting cold feet over the costs. We have agreed to do all internal work and they have agreed to replace the windows, and do up the outside of the building, including fencing, tidying up etc.


I had an email to say that they are waiting for a quote for the windows and doors and that it seems like this is going to be expensive and I get the impression they are thinking of withdrawing their offer... we would be absolutely devasted if this happened! We are hopefully getting a small grant from our local authority for refurbishing the toilets, but that is it! Looking online there is a suggestion that there are grants available for new businesses but it's a minefield and so complicated.


So my question is, has anyone been able to get a grant of any kind? This is when being a charity would help!!!!! I really feel like crying over it all, and have a lump of lead in my stomach :(



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Laura, how awful! I don't know about grants, & suspect that yes, if you were a charity it could be easier, but try applying to your local county & borough Councillors - they have money to give to projects that need it... My scout group got money to help with replacing the guttering.


Is the replacement needed to bring them in line with what the setting needs or are they in poor repair at the moment? & have you got it in writing that they agreed to do the work?

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have you spoken to your early years advisor or business manager they wil be able to tell you info re grants (get help filling in applications or delegate to someone if poss)...you need to get a meeting set up with your landlords so that you can plead your case and tell them how fantasctic it will be for them with you in the building.....do this face to face if poss as a person os much more difficult to say no to! (as above ...do the windows NEED replacing or can they make do and mend until you have paid them some rent. Or could you pay for them and get the buiding rent free for a while??

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