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E Profile - Was It Only Me !


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Just need to share these reflections with all those folks out there who have used e-profile this year.


We were doing great this year until we added report comments. Then everything went pearshaped. Until this point we had no difficulties backing up to CD / Floppy or Memory stick - we don't use a network but needed to back up in case of computer failure!


At the point we started adding report comments this is what happened: -


Program wouldn't back up at all. Would only write to disc if we exported pupil information. We could only fit 8/9 pupils on one floppy


Memory sticks wouldn't work!

CD wouldn't work


On completion of profile had difficulties with Reading 3. Error message when 3 hadn't been given but 4 had. Program wouldn't allow us to send data to LEA without correcting the 'so called errors!' Local IT team tried to help.


Also had diffs connecting to server to send info - machine checked and working fine IT came out in the end!


Has anyone else experienced similar problems - I've heard of one or two in our area. I think the program is great in principle but had hoped that this year would have seen these problems ironed out! Would just like to know if it is just me that is jinxed!


I now feel back in the land of the living now that it has finally been sent - into the ether - or somewhere!


JuneX :o

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no June I dont think it was just you. there obvioulsy are stilL a few gremlins in the system although I have to say we didnt have any this year thankfully. Perhaps you could just check for next year that you have the most up to date version, we are using 2.4 now which I think has sorted out most of the problems people have been having?

You should have found that the scoring of ELG 4-8 when 3 hasnt been, come up as a 'check this data' rather than as an error. Whereas scoring 9 without 1-8 will come up as an error. This is certainly the case in the new version.

It is alwasy a bit of a relief when its all done isnt it?

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Absolute nightmare and hope I'll never have to use it again! I really do feel that the whole thing is a total waste of time, very time consuming. During meetings with other Reception staff this comment was made many times.


It was a whole month of stress which our team(and other poor souls) have had to endure. Problems include report comments failing to be saved to memory stick, information being lost and when reports were merged when completed, attendance was lost. Spell check was difficult and time consuming to use.


I am in the fortunate position to have been made SENCO for our large primary school, so won't have to carry our this horrendous task next year! No doubt there will be similar demands made of me. I shall miss my time with Reception though. Let's hope improvements can be made to the profiles for next year.

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Thank you folks - was thinking I was going nutty - and yes we are using 2.4 ! Sorry that others have obviously been through the same mill as me but lets hope that our experiences can be built upon - our IT team has been fully briefed!

Roll on summer !

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New problem for us on e profile this year - when going to 'all done ' ready to submit to County it would not accept results if a child had not completed a stepping stone but had attained an ELG eg. rhyming and alliteratiion stepping stone not complete and enjoying stories and commenting completed. Also not completed and not scored counting objects to 6 reliably stepping stone but could rote count to 20. Admittedly we have some unusual children but it can't be that unusual so we had to round up and make a best fit profile score which is meaningless. Wonder if anyone else had this happen? We were using version 2.3.

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