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Sand And Water Tray

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just wondering if you lovely people out their have some creative ideas for the sand and water tray?


i have a set of equipment out on a shelf all the time e.g. shells, stones, glass bead things, containers/buckets, spades of varying descriptions, sieves, cars and boats, funnels, pipes, molds.


i have buried items in the sand before, have had glitter in the sand and water, have changed the water colour have added washing up liquid and soap flake and had fishing nets also children often bring small world items to the tray.


so was just interested if anyone else had any ideas to spark up sand and water play in particular in terms of problem solving as we had an Ecers which went really well but scored low on encouraging and interacting with children's problem solving.


thanks in advance


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I've had cat litter in my indoor sand tray last week & again this coming week as it's been so popular - I was inspired by that blog :-) . I should point out it's clean new cat litter! It's the compressed wooden pellets. We've had the fisher price diggers in it, but the kids have been getting the saucepans from the home corner to cook with the pellets too.


I put them in last Sunday & had my almost 9 yr old son there at the time & he & a 5 yr old were trying to flick them everywhere, but my 2, 3 & 4 yr olds have been great, it looked like one of the videos from Tom's blog.


I'm planning to add some dividers for this coming week, using some of the cardboard stash from the corner of the playroom. All inspired by Tom!

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