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I ve been a member of NCMA for 15 years and paid my membership and public liability insurance through them.and been a keen supporter.

However with ever higher costs of membership and tightening my purse strings like so many of us I ve been looking at Morton Michel insurance as a cheaper alternative . they seem pretty comparable in what you get for seem almost half the cost and I m questioning whether its still worth being an NCMA member and what I actually get for my money.

I also wondered if any of you have experience of Morton Michel -are they reliable etc ?

I d appreciate your thoughts



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Hi Janice,


Like you I looked at them both 2 years ago and made the move to Morton Michel, partly on cost but also because I felt I was paying for services I didn't use with NCMA.


Morton Michel was straightforward to use, and renew. Offered good cover and for up to 15 minded children! Also included cover for babysitting and their website has offers, an e-magazine and resources available, including contracts etc.


My LA offers both NCMA and MM to newly registering childminders as they say they're pretty comparable on what they offer.


Hope that helps?!



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I use Morton Michel - no complaints at all. As nona says it's sraightforward and have all the extras she mentioned. I have used them for years and have made a claim when the flat roof over my storage room leaked and I lost a fair amount of equipment. they paid straight away - no problems. they are always helpful if you need to contact them.


Sue J

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Guest cathy m

I know many who have changed to Morton Michel, the cover is very good and apparently they are extremely efficient with claims. It's great to be able to print public liability certificate off immediately after paying online



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Guest jane707

When I had to make a claim for a non paying parent MM supported me immediately and I received the money within a month. I know many NCMA insured childminders who have felt very let down by the claims process.


MM are good to talk to and always give an answer as well. The newsletter is very good too.


Jane :)

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