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Reading Story For Pgce Application


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Hi all- my daughter has an interview day for the PGCE and as part of this has to read a story to a reception class for 10 minutes and be observed- I have given her my ideas and tips but wondered if anyone out there has done this recently and has any words of wisdom I can share with her?

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I don't have any experience of interview for this course but where stories are concerned this is my advice- choose a book she is VERY familiar with, one that doesn't need her to actually read every word because she knows it so well.


One that is fun and repetitive and has lots of opportunities for the children to usually join in with and lots to talk about after!


Maybe a book where she could take in supporting resources!


I personally love and return to time after time fter time

Peace at Last

There's a shark in the park


I hope she gets on well, let us know how it goes oh and what book she chose!!

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