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We are going on a day trip to the farm and we have one little girl (2yrs) who has possible special needs and has very little sense of danger and does not respond to her name (or any other speech either).


What would you do if you were taking this child out?

Can we use reins/wrist straps?

Do we have to get parents permission (mum is in denial at the moment that anything is 'wrong').


Any advice would be great :o

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My first response would be to encourage the girl's mum to come along on the trip. That way she can be responsible for her and she can also compare the development of her daughter alongside her peers. This may help her overcome her sense of denial so that her daughter can be given the correct support as soon as possible.

If not, I would observe her daughter during sessions when it is necessary to follow instructions, then record and use this knowledge to form part of my evidence for the risk assessment which would show why she needed a wrist restraint.

I would also ensure my staff ratio was ultra high with a member of staff dedicated to this child if at all possible.

I hope this helps

Kind regards and try to enjoy your trip!


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Thanks both. We have had a few more parents ask to come- unfortunatly this child's mum can't come as your idea was great Caroline. At least now with all the extra help I can provide one-to-one for this particular child so she can enjoy it without a wrist restraint.



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