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Hi all,


I've not updated on here for a while so hope you are all well!


I would just like to ask what everyone's policy is on Sickness Reporting.


In my new Sickness Policy (let me know if you wish to see it) I ask that staff ring in at least 2 hours before your shift is due to start if they are sick and on return to work I ask that they ring before 6pm the day before their return? I also ask that the person themselves rings rather than a partner or sister etc.


I have been greeted with some dismay as this means some staff are having to ring in by 6pm (daycare). However, in my defence certain members of staff (previously) have been taking the mick so this policy has been devised to target those.


Some members of staff are refusing to sign the new policy/procedure and I would like to see how other nurseries address this issue with their staff.



Sharon :o

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We havent got a policy like that, but I would say this, if staff wont sign, it doesnt in any way mean they dont have to adhere to it. Signing means they have read, understood and agreed to it, if they wont sign just get them to sign something else that says they refuse to sign but have been aware of it.

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Well my immediate reaction is that I would be unable to ring in two hours before the start of my shift. I used to have to be at work at 8.30 but wouldn't be out of bed at 6.30. :o Ringing in at six the night before returning to work the following day would be ok, but would likely result in my having another day off work because a lot of recovery can go on between 6 at night and 8 the following morning.


I guess these things are easier to handle when you have a small team, as I did.


I'm interested to see what you are saying about staff refusing to sign the procedure - do these new procedures form an amendment to their terms and conditions of employment? If so there are specific routes to take in order to make a change to contracts, and procedures to follow if staff refuse to accept them.


Good luck - sounds like you've got quite a situation on your hands!

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In the schools that I have worked in, we have been required to phone in before the end of the school day (3pm!) as to whether we would be in the next day or not and on every day of absence unless signed off by GP.



Its not always possible to phone in yourself. When I have a migraine I cant cope with talking on the phone at all.

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