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Are you thinking food? Have you got a copy of QPootle5? If so, have a look at the fold out at the back - the picture may give you some ideas.


I do have it, thank you and have used your idea. Thank you X

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i used to use Whatever next - Jill Murphy as a start for our space party, and we re enacted the story with boxes colanders and other items, walking on the moon , moving across to a picnic area which was usually lots of bubble wrap or soft items under a blanket to walk and sit on..


we then had some food which always included popping candy at some stage.. odd coloured sandwiches, and I did one year obtain some of the freeze dried icecream from the science museum online shop...


this was always a real hit and they asked for the props for ages afterwards to play with and extended the story in tier own way..


we also had a cd zoom to the moon which we used for a few games and songs..


must admit to really enjoying the fun and role play this evoked..

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