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Paying Staff To Attend Courses


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Heres another one for you, im a roll at the mo hehehehe


I need to put something in writing (into staff handbook, maybe even a policy) about staff being paid for attending courses e.g. NVQs etc and was wondering if anyone has anything in place that i could have look through to know where I should is start.


Would be good to see if other settings actually have a policy for this, e.g. if staff member leaves do they have to pay back money the preschool has paid out? or do you not pay them?


Thanks again, i really do not know what i would do without this site, its fab!! :o

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Hi , the preschool I have just become supervisor at had a policy in place , will try and find a copy as it was introduced some years back when a member of staff was funded for NVQ and then left soon after completion. Can't say when it will be as I have suitable person interview Friday aaah !!!!

Most settings have this is place and if not should have , usually a time line of 1 year or if wanting to leave before have to pay money for training back , signature required ,you could probably come up with something yourself .




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Just had LEA out discussing this last week... They said not to bother saying 'if you leave within X you must pay so much back...' because it's hard to enforce & if someone really wants to leave than much you don't want them there. I did point out our policy on this was lifted from the LEA's policy from when I'd done my admin stuff in my previous incarnation as office worker without children ;-)


Their advice was not to pay for attending courses unless it's one we need them to attend as the staff member is gaining the qualification and to have a clear policy that if we are paying for a course it is at a flat rate of pay, usually that of the lowest paid member of staff.

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we did have a policy in place but from what I remember we also had a discussion with each individual and agreements made at the time for them to pay back any money if they leave before a year of finishing any qualifications like NVQ where we had paid for them to do the course.. we never had any leave though so I cannot say what we woudl have done to enforce it or if we could.


we did not however pay for the time on the NVQ courses only for the cost of the course.. they did it in own time , only ones we paid for time were the ones necessary for the job , first aid, child protection etc.

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We state that staff who have payments made from the setting towards NVQ type qualification have to pay back if they leave within a set period. The general policy is somewhat vague as we set up an individual agreement with each staff member due to differences in funding availability over the years. We have enforced such an agreement though and it only took a stern letter threatening legal action. We allowed her to pay back over a number of months and it was all paid back to us.

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