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A while ago i saw (or maybe i dreamt it!) some small drawstring bags they were only about 15 x 15 cm and they had a letter of the alphabet on each bag. the intention was that you filled the bag with things that began with that letter for example bag A would have Apple, Ant, Aeroplane, Antler etc and so forth you then used it with the children to work on letters and sounds. has anyone seen anything like this?




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LOL-now that would be advertising! Although now you mention it Susan I do have some small calico bags (2 sizes) that could have a phoneme,Jolly phonic or number transfer on :o They could look something like this :( I made these for the numeracy area to hang in a row for a pack of snap cards, for the plastic money that gets everywhere. I also have one for dice and the larger size for domino's. I got a pack of miniture playing cards in a crackers so I have a new one to make xD

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