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Has anyone been in the situation where the only person to come forward as interested in the position of chair is someone they really feel they cannot work with? What did you do?


My current (wonderful) chair is planning on giving up later this year, but someone has expressed interest in becoming chair who has caused real problems for us recently - she made a big fuss over a trivial matter and reaqlly got the staff's back up. There really isn't anyone else who is an obvious choice, and I'm really worried. I know if she's elected I have no say, but this is causing me sleepless nights already! I have heard of a group running with a committee but no chair - does anyone else work like this?



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When we had no chair (she left mid year and quite suddenly) we had to tell Ofsted and they told us we could operate without for a short period if the other officers were willing to do the role, but that we had to elect one as soon as possible, think they gave us a 2 month time scale, and wanted the new one to register by then..


They are the named contact and registered person and should have a suitable persons interview.

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Hi Devondaisy i am so sorry you are already having sleepless nights over this situation you may find yourself in later on this year and the impact this may have on you and your setting.

Can i firstly ask do you work by the PSLA constitution or do you have your own one.

This should clearly state how many officers/members you need.

If the answer to my question is yes can you give the PSLA a call for advice or alternatively contact your PSLA advisor who should beable to help you with any of your concerns.

Is the person concerned already on your committee ?, can any of your other members with a bit of cajoling consider possibly taking on this role or put out the feelers of anyone else there maybe out there.

We have been very fortunate over the past few years and i am temping fate now to have both a Chair and a Vice Chair, this not only helps in terms of any conflict and resolution but also helps share the load.

Please don't get too anxious over this i'm sure and keeping my fingers crossed that someone magically fantastic comes forward for you. :o

bridger x

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