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we had the call today and they are coming on Thurs and Fri

doing wonderful winter as our topic!!!

any good ideas

am thinking along the lines of...

freezing ice tomorrow and using to explore melting, freeze diff colour ice cubes and put them in a dish and observe what happens as they melt and the colours mix.

send TA and groups to the Arctic! put on our NEW outdoor suits and wellies. We have one of those igloo tents thought we could set it up on the grass and.......get there- maybe draw maps of things they pass, act out walking through the snow/a blizzard? ANY OTHER IDEAS MUCH APPRECIATED.

BRAIN DEAD NOW, oh but we do have a PE slot as well to fill.

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Well first of all wishing you well and try not to panic.

We made igloos out of sugar cubes and watered down pva glue, lots of PSRN and fine motor skills.

Could the children do a music themed PE sessions pretending to be snowmen then melting gradually.

At a school i once visited they had a relay type race outside with the children passing the ice cubes to each other with spoons.

They also had soft tufts which water had been frozen in for the children to explore.

Not sure these are any use at all but keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes well for you all.

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freeze some little characters within the ice - the children love trying to see what's trapped in the ice and helping to release them.


There is a fantastic PSED/CD lesson floating round somewhere about pretending it has snowed..... children shut their eyes and open them pretending it has snowed. They are in bed, what do they do first?? moves on to getting dressed (cant go outside to play in Pjs) and how they react in the snow - can go outside or into hall to continue the action. eventually someone starts throwing pretend snowballs - can talk about rules here - would anyone get hurt?? someone mentions building a snowman. role play making the snowman. get everyone to shut their eyes - dress ta quickly in a hat and white sheet. Children open their eyes to find their TA has been transformed. they can talk to the snowman...what questions. eventually the snowman starts to look sad (then cry if nobody mentions it) why? ask him. He is melting....what can we do to help. walks you into a fab KU lesson on keeping snow/ice cold. what ideas do the children come up with because he wont fit in the freezer. materials to help keep the cold in. sure someone can show you a link to it...sure its a forum lesson.....

lots of ideas in the topic resources.

we are about to make mini igloos using sugar cubes and icing sugar.


good luck for this week

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what about magic snow in your tuff spot, I do it every year with my children and it really gives the wow factor they each have a little bit of the powder in their hands and then I add the water and they watch it grow, we talk about how it feels and what has happened to the water etc. The 'snow' then stays in the tuff spot to explore with polar animals and small pots to help them to make snow men in the same way that you would make a sandcastle.

good luck!


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Focus on the learnng you want to achieve first and then the activities will be better formed around them. Look for porgress and challenge, thinking skills and S+L.


Phonics and the teaching of reading is massive in the new schedule. Make sure you've read the Ofsted docs from their website and you'll know what they are looking at/for.



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