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Hi folks,


Hope you are all settled back in!


I have been asked by my head to provide a percentage of children who are secure at phase 2 of L&S. We have completed an assessment sheet devised from the L&S book, but I have a question - how secure is secure?!


The assessment comprises of:

Grapheme recognition

Oral blending tasks (I say m-a-n, they tell me the word I'm saying - approx 10 words)

Segmenting tasks (They tell me how to spell 'jam', 'mint' etc. Lots of chn saying 'mit' for mint of 'sad' for sand - is this a problem?)

Non word reading task (og, ab, liss etc)

Decodable word reading and spelling (vc and cvc words)

Tricky words (the, I, to, go)


How much would you expect children to get correct before saying they were 'secure' ?


Hope that all makes sense! x

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Our LA literacy team have advised people that children spend too long in phase 2 as teachers hold them back, waiting for them to be 'secure' before moving on. Their advise is that if the chidlren recognise the phonemes and can orally blend and segment a VC and CVC word, move them on. No requirement to do CVCC, I am told.

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We say the same thing - don't wait until they can "Do" every single phoneme all the time...if they have the basics of bleding/segmenting then build in the weaker phase 2 phonemes as you move into phase 3 teaching.


It should link to the teaching phase. If you are teaching phase 3 then you have decided they are secure enough at phase 2 to move on.



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