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Calling all creative people out there!


I would love to hear of any fun creative art ideas that anyone has carried out successfully with Reception children, preferably with minimum adult intervention! I have got various books of ideas but find that they often require quite a lot of adult input to make anything that resembles the photo!


Also can anyone recommend a really good early years art book? or website?


Finally, one last request - does anyone have any ideas for things to put outside in the water tray now that it is too cold to have water?


Thank you - I don't know if I have eaten too many mince pies but I am definitely lacking in inspiration at the moment!

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Have you looked at 'inspirational ideas for play based learning'? Its an australian site, if you google will come up. I always find this really inspiring - it says pre-school but children go to school later in Australia so its Reception age. Also, do you have a scrapstore locally? Whenever I go there and get a load of randm bits I'm always amazed what my class do with them!

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one thing you could do if it's cold enough to freeze is let them loose to make 'stained glass windows' in trays out of all sorts of things like sequins, glitter, tissue paper, natural materials etc and then pour in water. Leave them overnight and then see what they look like the next morning. I do this every year when it is cold enough and the children just love it. Apart from looking pretty, they prompt lots of scientific language and prediction.

re art ideas the sally featherstone little books are really good for ideas there is a 'little book of sand and water' for lots of good ideas. Why don't you have your water inside when it is cold and have other things outside things like obstacle courses, they are good when it is cold as it keeps them moving. I have had a massive clearout and tidy in my classroom over the xmas hols (sad I know but when else would it get done!) and one task I'm going to give them when they get back is scrubbing some of the construction toys (popoids and duplo was filthy!) so I will give them hot soapy water and nail brushes outside which I know they will love.

I was donated a bag of plastic balls the kind that go in ball pits and they often go in my water tray and we hide things in there but they are mostly used by the children for sending down plastic pipes (they pretend they are making chocolates)

hope that helps


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Thank you everyone for all the great ideas, am now feeling much more inspired. Happy New Year! :o




my kids really loved salt and water colour painting.

Wet paper with large brush and water, use eye droppers to drop a variety of water colours onto the paper and then sprinkle with salt. This activity required almost no adult assistance with 2-3 year olds so I am sure it will work very well with older kids.

I don't really like dtlk type websites as they seem to rely on the good old printer for a lot of their activities. www.pinterest.com has tons of creative ideas which can be adapted for most age groups.



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