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Thinking of doing the theme 'food' after Christmas with Reception. Anyone done this already? With such an open title it can going in any direction!

Any tips?




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I did this several years ago and it was a great success.


I was working at the time in a multicultural school and we tied this in with festivals in the Autumn term. We cooked something every week or so that was related to the festival.

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You take them shopping for snacks and lunch and let them help chop and spread and then wash up.

I havent done a specific food topic but I should think the possibilities are endless.

There must be loads of good books about food too :o

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such a broad topic it could go any direction.. think also about foods we can eat a lot of and those we can eat a little of rather than good and bad foods which I know some do.. no food is bad , just the amount we eat of it!


perhaps choose a few books as a basis for topics or discussion, we used Olivers vegetables, along with Handas surprise and the hungry caterpillar..


plenty of tasting od different foods.. we had parents bring in something their child enjoyed for all to taste.. having many cultures it brought in some very different foods..


Chinese New year.. does it come into the term.. lots there to include..


smells as well... ferment yeast and make bread... ??

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