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A role play area can be anything the children want, although with their limited experience you will need to help them along now and then, its just about resourcing it then.

Hairdressers:collect shampoo bottles, combs, brushes, cardboard box for a hairdryer or a real one, mirrors, appointment book, phone.

Doctors/hospital/vets: bandages, dolls/soft toys, forms, thermometers, syringes ask at teh chemists for the ones you give babies calpol with, beds, blankets, phones.

Airport/bus station/port: passports: suitcases, bags, clothing to pack for different places.

Post office/bank/shops: money, stamps, envelopes, scales, phone cards to use as credit cards, real or pretend foods and cartons, bags, baskets, purses. The bank of England used to have resources for schools and so did the post office. I used to collect handfuls of leaflets or forms from wherever I saw them.


Once you've started collecting you'll find you can mix and match for different role play


There's The Little book of Role Play from Sally Featherstone's series. I havent read it but the others are pretty good.

Have you looked in the resource library? I'll bet there are loads of ideas on there.

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