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Sorry to be here ranting away yet again but I am now at my whits end and don't know what to do.


Picked up a child's file (learning journal) and I am shocked at the state if it to be blunt but honest.


I fell I have a pretty straight forward assessment. All development matters spilt each area and each term key worker highlights what they have achieved and use the code at the bottom of the sheet i.e red baseline , green autumn etc.


However I only have one sample but this is a child with very delayed speech and I can make head nor tail where she has him at. Seems a few development matters have two or three colours next them.


However my main concern is that this child (in my opinion) is behind where he should be yet she has him working at his correct age and sometimes above.


This child is 4 in Jan, very difficult to understand and has great difficulties sharing never mind making friends.


I really am at my whits ends with her and not sure how much more I can take.


I go on Maternity in April and need this sorted now!!!!


Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!!


This person is currently my deputy with over 20 years experience!! If you've read my other posts you'll know what else I have put up with :o


On the plus side my new assistant is fabulous and together we can go far but feel that one staff member is stopping this xD

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i'm going to tell you what you already know!! either put up with it....or decide you are going to go for it and sort out the issue!....so if you have clear guidelines about the way the learning journals are done then if they are not done like this you need to issue a verbal warning....if she does not heed this then you need to step up the process until she changes/resigns or is fired....easy to say ...really hard to do :( ....sorry probably no help at all...long day and 2 glasses of wine :o

hugs ((())) xD

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Hi sazzj.

This is one of the advantages of carrying out consistent supervisions, so that you can discuss these type of issues and agree actions for the future..do you do anything along these lines?


If your deputy is genuinely struggling, then you would need to be able to show how you have supported her through mentoring or additional training for example. If on the other hand she is just not doing what you ask, then a verbal warning may well be the way to go, but you would still need to show how you might support her.


With regard to the child in question, whether or not she has identified any additional need, you have, and perhaps others have too? You will need to act, to ensure this child gets the support they need. So you probably need a chat with her about what she thinks about this child, and whether or not she has spoken to the parents recently.

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Thank you for your replies


He has been refered to speech and language and mum is aware of this etc


It is at the point where she is driving me insane!!!! This is the not the first thing and doubt it will be my last. Had a few supervisions planned in but she usually ends up being off looking after the girls she nannies (Yet another issue)

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I'm confused about the issue of her being off to nanny the girls she looks after. Surely this is not an acceptable reason for being off? I'm sure she wouldn't get away with this in say an office job, or even in a school. What was the position on this when she was hired? What are your policies for time off? How much time is she having off and why is she allowed it? Just wondering as perhaps this might be able to do sommething to improve this issue, I'm sure it must be within your rights to expect her to turn up!

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