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Academy Status/nursery

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have just been given some unsure news! Our school became an academy a few months back and in the nursery automatically thought all would continue as before. have been told we are no longer a maintained nursery but will be seen as a private setting. have been thinking about the implications all day and waht will change or not change. Feel very unsure did not see this coming!!!!!! Has anybody else been faced with this?

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I think you need to go and have a chat re your status as part of the school. An Academy is in effect a private school funded directly by the Government, so of course does not charge fees. It is free from many aspects of the curriculum and can draw up its own, and is exempt from management laid down by LA's for their maintained schools. As you are part of a school which has been granted academy status you are no longer under LA control, and have 'converted' with the school. What the implications of that are in practice I don't know.

You may find more information here



Hopefully someone on here may be able to help as I know that in a few authorities most schools have converted to Academy status. In my LA only one secondary school has converted.

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We looked into becoming an academy this year and were told that as we were an early years educational establishment then we could not do this (has to be over 5's apparently) so i would assume that you would opperate under the same rules as a private nursery and should still be able to access eyfunding for the 15 hours and follow the eyfs (but only my thoughts...check with your eydept)






Edited ...have just read previous info....seems quite clear but i assume you can adopt the eyfs as your curriculum and charge in the same way that private nurseries do????

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This may help as well





Schools which have nursery classes and which have converted to academies should be funded on the same basis as maintained schools with nursery classes. If an academy is delivering the free entitlement through another provider to whom it rents building space, then the provider would receive the funding and not the academy.


As Finleysmaid has suggested, a talk with your EY department is the way to go.

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