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We moved into a brand new building earlier in the year and tomorrow they're coming to fit my office!! Woohoo! No more piles of folders and working with laptop on knee!

The guy and I designed shelves/boxes for the book corner too so I'm hoping they have worked out and I like them as at the moment I really don't like the area at all!

So much has gone wrong with this blooming building I'm hoping this will be the turning point!

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My sympathies ladies! We were originally in a mobile and I had a teeny 'office' more an alcove with a desk really :o Then we moved to a new building... along the route of getting funding for this, sure start got involved and it ended up not being our building at all and instead being a Children's Centre with a room for us to rent. The building had an office, which originally was for me but over the years it took to get it sorted became a communal office so I couldn't keep anything in there so ended up in the cupboard! So when we had to expand and this time do have OUR building an office was a priority. We went to see it when the frame was up and it was a lovely size for me and my administrator and we were very excited... then we saw the kitchen! OMG it was soooooooo small! literally not even as wide as two door widths and not much longer! So we swapped them so we had space in the kitchen and were left with the tiny office so we had to have the desk/shelves fitted as bought ones were too big!

Anyway. It's lovely. We have a curved corner worktop on 2 walls then on the third is a shelf unit. We even have a little drawer unti under the worktop - with a locking top one woohoo!! (Little things xD )


But the book boxes :(

Oh dear.

Never mind we think we know what we're going to do and then it will be lubberly. I hope!

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