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Elves And Shoemaker


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Hello everyone.....


Any one done Elves and Shoemaker with nursery chn before......can anyone inspire me with ideas for all areas of learning......thank you xx

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have little glittery shoe prints across the nursery in the morning where the elves have visted.....make the children go to shoe college. Design shoes and learn names of the shoe parts.....

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Guest ChunkyMan

Printing with shoes.

Shoe shop role play - ask parents for old shoes.

Talk about kind hands and feet.

Cut out shoes from catalogue

Match the shoe/sock pairs.

Measuring with feet - counting.

Shoe treasure basket - different shoes/purposes.

Decorate shoe shapes.

Order the sizes of shoes.

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We got the children to design a shoe and then used modroc to make a casting of the childrens foot. when we took it off it looked like a shoe. The children then decorated it and took it home. Most of the children were happy to cover their feet in modroc. They looked really good and the parents loved them.

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Use open-ended questions to generate discussion about when and why we wear (or don't wear) shoes, shoes for different purposes, old and new shoes, going to the shoe shop, fastenings and so on.

Shoes with logos or labels on them

collect old shoes and decorate them with paint, fabric or collage and exhibit them in the setting

Visit a shoe repairers?


Discuss Elves and other small creatures such as pixies, leprechauns and goblins.

Elves and Christmas toy workshop


These ideas came from an edition of Nursery World in 2005

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