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Hi all,


We had a visit from our improvement advisor and was told all our activities etc. should be based on children's interests. We have one little boy

who is really interested in Thomas the tank engine but we are drawing a blank on any activity ideas that we could plan for him.


All the children are into sensory play so any ideas for that would be great too. We have had oats, rice, playdough, sand, cooked spaghetti.


Our other children are into painting and playing in the role play kitchen so any ideas to develop these areas would also be great.


My mind is just drawing a complete blank. I think its the typical friday night feeling!



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it is worth looking for some of the many many blogs out there for early years.. some are from teachers, others mums, and lots of others too, Most give a lot of simple inexpensive ideas for so much .


Sun Hats & Wellie Boots


Child central station


early play


Teacher Tom


Teach Preschool



There are so many out there. Most I see or find are from Australia, but the play and activities are all worth a look . I have lagged up a painting area from them, and one sensory but dig deeper and there is lots to find.


Extending or planning to interests- we would have read a book, extending from Thomas onto trains in general, set up a train role play, with tickets driver passengers, luggage etc , then used trains in the paint which would fit in with the paint interests.. and sensory if you use sand in the paint or a smell, hence covering all the interests in one or two planned activities.

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do you have real food or equipment in your role play? i put herbs and spices in one year and the children love them (they where so careful with the glass jars and none got broken) you whoever have to be on good terms wit your cleaner!


also have your tried asking the children what they want/ could do/ add?

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There's a list of malleable materials on here somewhere but can't think where at the moment - these are a few from that list:



Gloop - cornflour and water


couscous - great with little pots to fill, they make excellent moulds


Clean mud - grate a Dove bar of soap, shred some white toilet paper and mix with water


Cooked spaghetti


Shaving foam



Hope that helps.

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