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What Should I Do?

Guest thinlizzie

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Guest thinlizzie

I am really worried about this as I haven't been in this setting long but have been asked to attend a meeting tomorrow to discuss planning for the 2 terms!

Surely, we don't plan activities that far ahead? (We didn't in my last pre school) How can you follow the child's interest if they haven't even started yet and you already have your theme/topic? As I am new to the team I am worried about suggesting another way or being accused of not contributing ---- should I speak up or just keep mum?

Suggestions please!

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We do sort of plan in advance for certain things - festivals and celebrations with a fixed date..


So, we would be planning in advance for things like for example-


Inviting the community in - fire brigade, police, drs, dentists etc to come in for visits

'the big toddle' _ we need to plan date in advance so we can promote it.

mothers day - we might need to plant bulbs early etc

Various festivals that we might want to arrange visitors for.


Maybe this is what they are thinking about?

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Hi not sure of your set up but could the planning be merely proposed outings, concerts, visitors etc. [ which do have to be planned in advance].

We generally start from a big idea generally something a child or many children may have shown an interest in. Then take it from there.

This is only a starting point.

So for instance the children had been on lots of journeys recently, so our role-play area has been a airport, aeroplane, airport cafe, ship, port, coach and a bus. We then made a chart plotting all the journeys the children had been on. We have now planned a journey to our local library for a lovely storytime session.

I would go in with an open mind, have some ideas and see how it goes.

Hope this helps. :o

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