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Using Digital Cameras In A Reception Classroom


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Dear All,


I hope I am posting this in the right place and that someone can help me...!


Last week my head challenged us in our staff meeting about our usage of digital cameras in the foundation stage and questioned the value of them and if we were even using them appropriately. We know why we should be using them (and that they are invaluable) but I am struggling to find concrete evidence to support this - can anyone help? I know I watched a video clip some time ago (following links from the standards site when the EYFS was introduced I think) about two practitioners explaining their rationale for taking photos, showing how they recorded observations in the form of a learning journey but I cannot find that either....!

We are going to be talking about it tmw after school and I would like to be prepared so any help is gratefully received!


Thank you :-)



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hi, we use photos all the time in learning journeys. A photo can put meaning to an observation, even illustrate a learning outcome better than a description, eg ordering no.s 1-10, roleplaying. Also when children look through their learning journeys, by looking at a photo they can remember a activity they were doig and talk about it, so their childrens voice can be added.

We try to observe each child once a week and include a photo, so we can follow their interests and monitor their learning.

You can also use photos in all areas of classroom , instead of posters ,in say playdough area, roleplay, use photos of your class plsying in the area, providing a photo illustrating how they should play in the area.

photos can also record in a diary activities your class has done, which the children,parents and even ofsted can look at.

hope this is useful

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can you highlight some areas on the profile which don't provide tangible results but can be captured in a photograph?




I'm thinking of .....


Use one-handed tools and equipment

Create 3D structures

Begin to construct, stacking blocks vertically and horizontally, making enclosures and creating spaces


Photos are great to demonstrate the ability to do these things.....

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Thank you to both of you :-) your ideas/info were really useful and the meeting ended up going much smoother than we had thought - we are even allowed to get new cameras - yay!!!

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