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Help! Christmas Presents For Staff


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Hi All,


As staff we all meet up for a Christmas meal at the end of term. We bring along one present (value between £5 and £10), number it and put into the 'kitty'. During the meal we all draw a number and that is the present we get.


I have thought of the usual smellies etc, but would like to take something a little different this year. Does anyone have any unusual ideas of what to get?


What has been the best present you have ever received?


Looking forward to hear your views



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To be honest I always like socks!

We do a Secret Santa by all filling in a slip I print out that says your name and three things you would like then we fold them up and draw them like a raffle. So far no-body has picked their own thank goodness!

The person then has a choice of three things to help them out!

I bought my person gloves last year - the sort that are fingerless with the mitten part you can button back. This was because we found writing observations with gloves on could be tricky but fingerless gloves kept you just warm enough but you can put the mitten bit on when you're, say playing ball.

Chocolates are usually popular too!

Nice notebooks and pens? We all use a notebook as well as post-its so it's nice sometimes to have a special one.


I don't really go to beauty salons but would that cover a voucher for a manicure or something?

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I always loved something to grow...


One year I bought all the staff an Amaryllis in a box... and they all enjoyed them giving me regular updates on how they were doing...


another year it was a pot with crocus or other small bulbs , again lots of reports came back and they were all different .


a fancy pen... not expensive but distinctive so it was not easily lost in the setting... this was usually just a silly add on to a main item and was something like a big pen or pencil, a neck pen etc..


I tended to avoid the chocolates and smellies as we always got those from parents/ children..

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Where I work we ask everyone to choose a theme; shiny, pink, fluffy, 1970's, check etc etc. Thne we have to boxes, one with the themes in and one with the names in and everyone picks one piece of paper out of each so we all ended up with a theme and a name and you buy something to do with the theme for the person you have chosen and you're not meant to let on who you have or the theme.


Another idea is to choose a name and buy something using the initials of the person; I had LK once and so bought lacy knickers!!!


As for ideas; I love to be given gift vouchers, how about an itunes voucher?

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