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Early Counting Skills


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Hi everyone


i am looking to take my children out into our attached woodland area with a focus on eary counting skills. Does anyone have any ideas of activities/games etc that i could do with the children whilst out in the woods to develop early counting skills



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Our children love treasure hunts out our woods. We have a Barnaby bear hunt where they have to find the numbers in order bring them back to base and go look for the other one then number 10 gives a clue to where barnaby is! you do have to hide him really well tho or they will find him first!! We adapt this to easter egg hunt etc :o

They also love following a trail. we have big plastic discs with numbers on and we place a trail down for them to follow which they then love to do themselves.

The boys in particular love having Super hero missions set them.So for example Captain Jack (A baddie) has kidnapped all the teddies in our home corner is you wnat them back you have to go on a mission. Find a tree with number 4 on it and skip round it 4 times or got to tree number 5 and wait for further instructions etc

Have fun


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Making collections and counting leaves, conkers etc. Comparing by counting, which has more/less.

Make a number line of natural materials that the children have collected.

Give the squirrel 4 acorns etc.

Take some large numerals with you and make sets and label them, how many?


Opportunities should be endless. Use the correct vocabulary even if the results are a bit sporadic!


Have fun!

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How fantastic to have an attached woodland, I am very envious. Like others have already said collecting leaves, conkers, acorns, treasure hunts, story of the three bears springs to mind. A teddy bears picnic with bears, plates, knives, spoons, bowls and cups. Cut out numbers for bark rubbings to then bring back for sorting using compare bears and counters have fun.

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