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  1. I have a class of 9 4 year old and have to do an assembly on 1 of the 10 commandments next week. I can't do 'being Jealous' as another class has already done that one also 'being kind to mummy and daddy' has been done also. i am completely stumped for ideas! especially with such young children any help and ideas would be really appreciated thanks
  2. Hi everyone Looking for some inspiration. Next Thursday is poetry day and I need a poem that my 4 year olds can learn and perform- easy enough- except that it needs to be linked to world war 1 have been told I can link it in an abstract way eg a poem about mud or flowers! But I can't seem to find any poems suitable Do you have any ideas? Thank you so much in advance
  3. St Patricks Day

    Hi everyone Im in a reception class with 32 children. Im trying to think of any exciting outdoors activities to do relating to St Patricks day. So far i have got shaving foam with green colouring and glitter and gold coins. (from this forum ) Any other ides would be appreciated. Also can anyone thing of any easy 'irish' food to have for snack?? Thanks
  4. Job interview

    The current theme is ourselves
  5. Hi everyone I had a job interview next wednesday which involves teaching 'a focus activity on numbers up to 5 or one of the following letters SATPIN' the 'lesson' should last 15 minutes and i will have 9 3/4 year olds. Does anyone have any amazing ideas. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. Boats

    Help i am teaching reception class 2 weeks on boats after half term and am really stuck for some good ideas in particular literacy ones. I have the book the little boat by kathy henderson but cant think of any inspiring ideas. Thanks in advance
  7. Early Counting Skills

    Thank you so much for all these fab ideas Does any one have any wintery maths activities that we could do (just in case of snow!)
  8. Hi everyone i am looking to take my children out into our attached woodland area with a focus on eary counting skills. Does anyone have any ideas of activities/games etc that i could do with the children whilst out in the woods to develop early counting skills Thanks
  9. The SEF looks like it may need a 2000 word assignment to complete it fully
  10. Childminders

    Yes, I am a registered childminder and eye provider . How can I help?
  11. Ok Who's Got It?

    I received my EYFS today , it looks great . however there does not seem to be any dates at present for training in Hampshire
  12. Pathfinder

    Are any of you opting to join the pathfinder scheme from April offering the 15 hours funded free nursery education? If so how are you going to offer flexible hours and how will it affect you .
  13. Apprentices

    If you are employing an assistant does this mean you can care for more children or is this not the case with an apprentice?
  14. Eyfs Launch Link

    I phoned DFES today and am not sure what I am going to be sent I was told EYFS ORDER NUMBER 00012 is available and will be with me in about a week but to phone back next week if I want EYFS ORDER NUMBER 00013 as this is not yet available . Can anyone enlighten me
  15. Eyfs Launch Link

    Thank you I shall phone tomorrow and order a copy. This looks like a great site .