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Does anyone have any recent experiences of an Ofsted inspection that they would be willing to share i.e. what they were looking for :o , what they liked xD or maybe what they didn't like :( ?!!

Many thanks.


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We had our whole school Ofsted almost 2 weeks ago now.


It did not go well (but I can't be specific about it yet, sorry) BUT I think in the main bit of the inspection to do with nursery and reception they were looking at the management and leadership of the foundation stage.

We have not got a FS co ordinator which to the team was the crux of the matter because this had been questioned in our previous inspection.

We were not seen to have improved re this matter.


The team spent alot of time in reception, in both of our outdoor areas, they looked at assessment and planning. We only had a very short meeting with the team but as per usual it was about levels and children not hitting national average in KS1 SATs.


We had previously received goods and out standings in nursery so I think they thought the bulk of what was going on would be ok but it was the management that got us and the rest of the school too :o

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Yes, as we move towards the new framework in January there will be, in my estimation a bigger impact of the EYfS on the overall school outcomes. For example to get outstanding for children's outcomes across the school, the Yr 6 results may be great but if the EYFS are not so good then the overall grade will be reduced. Same for provision and L+M.





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We had our inspection just over 2 weeks ago. The Inspector was lovely and most interested in the following:-


Safeguarding - paperwork and questionning staff about procedures

Phonics Work


Challenging more able children

Signs both inside and out in different learning zones


Most of the inspection was guided around our SEF


Good luck

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