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Hmmmmmm - Just A Rant I Guess


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Hello all,


Well i guess i just never seem happy recently, after leaving one job that caused me stress and unhappiness i finally found a new job but after two trial days i am not convinced it is for me. They have put me in baby room, when i have minimal baby room experience! The days dragged and i got very frustrated at some of the bad practice i saw ( not wiping children's runny noses, not always washing hands after nappy changing) ...... In all fairness the job meets my needs as its only four days a week which is what i needed, but is being deeply miserable worth this?

I think my time in childcare, or at least nurseries is done with :o

I am now at a loss, i still have the job at the nursery, bu am currently off sick with a tummy bug, so not in tommorow.

My husband thinks i should leave and pursue another career, but what? ...... I worked with the elderly when i was at university and that was enjoyabe, maybe this is an option.....


I guess i am just thinking out loud, but i hate feeling so unsettled in my life.


Hey hum xD



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So sorry that you are feeling like this but, if you are not happy then it is not worth it - it's not good for you.


If you are feeling miserable and not enjoying a new job, then I'd agree with your husband. Take some time out if you can - don't jump into anything quickly (frying pan into the fire situation), think about your values, strengths, passions, skills and what you would do as a job if money and re-training were no object/barrier.


You have to think about yourself and what will make you happy. Good luck xx

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If you can afford it I'd definitely take some time to look around. I had a brief stint working with the elderly and it was great but just remember you might see things there that you dont agree with too. Take time to look around :o

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I do think with most care jobs there will be lots of things you see that you are not happy with or corners cut which you feel are not right.


I have done a lot of Care home nursing as agency staff and saw so many different places , all were very different but I did not find one I would have wanted to work in long term... they may have changed a bit now but still would need to choose wisely in that sector, I am sure there will be things you wont like there too..


Personally , as you have only been there a couple of days I would stay for a while to see how it pans out and get a better feel for the job...you don't have the responsibly of ensuring all is completed as correctly as you would like but in time may be able to have an influence by modelling the correct way.

Baby room experience is always a useful add to a cv .. and just keep looking for other jobs in the area.. apply for any which take your fancy regardless of what they are... have you thought about a childcare agency.. so you see lots of settings.. or child minding, that way you would be your own boss, as well as be at home.. no guarantee of income but if it is not essential at the moment could be worth looking into.

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