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Pre-ofsted Visit

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i suppose it is to give the management team an idea of how you guys are all doing, using the ofsted guidelines. we had one, but unfortunitly it wasn't a good experience.

They walked around the school all morning like an inspection, only it was the whole of the management team plus a someone from the LA( instead of 2 inspectors in a proper inspection).

I'm sorry to say , the head, only seem to give negative fed back, she didn't like how i,d set the room up that day,liked the learning journeys, but said i would fail if it was a proper inspection. I am now in a state of constant panic , most of the staff are totally fed up, and if we get the call next week i think they'll all ring in sick!!!

The main thread i did get from the whole thing is your room should reflect a main learning outcome throughout the whole classroom.

And mark making! she said she didn't see any, but it was all round the classroom! it was fustrating as we never got the opportunity to comment, or put right the misconceptions that had ocurred.

hope yours goes better than mine, a job at the co-op looks more attractive every day!

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My children's school has just had their Ofsted and they have been criticised about lack of supervision by the Board of Governors. It's their job to make sure the Head and staff are keeping up. So be glad they know what their responsibilities are. Hopefully they'll know ho to support you as well.



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Sorry to hear that Fiona :o are you in a nursery? Hopefully our very regular (too bloomin' regular IMO!!) governor's meetings will show how well we are all in the loop eh?

I was quite relaxed as we have always got a good grading before but since being taken over by the school, there are things that IMO are not right :/

Ah well they can only give us actions I guess :)

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