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It never ceases to amaze me how strangers can come together and openly support, share and inspire one another on a website - yet it is something that is completely lacking from the Senior Management of my school.


I don't think you can imagine how much I appreciate this place!!!


Thanks to all,


D xxx

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If anyone is interested -


I have a number of early learing centre toy snails and on occasions provide the following activity:


A number of toy snails

Paint (shiny; mixed with a small amount of syrup; metallic, glitter)



Encourage the children to move the snails aorund the paper.


How do they move?

What do they leave?

Movement - jump, sneak, slide, etc!!


I have been known to provide extra glitter and make cling film trails across the wall in order to display the children;s work.



I also do worm painting


I have those big worms again from ELC and tie them to "rods" which the children lower into "paint pools" (pots of paint)


I then encourage the children to try to make marks with the worms on their paper.




I also do a hungry caterpillar snack (one ..., two... etc) adapt it to what you can find cheap locally!!

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great ideas- I love the one with plastic snails and glitter glue etc slime trails! :D


The website for the London Butterfly House is quite good for images and if you are near enough is a great place to visit.




Lizz Xxx

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