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Hi, Im new to EYFS and working in Reception and have just had my first observation. I was outside working with a group and my points for development were for displays to be changed regularily inside and to stop children running inside.

We were given a WIGT to be assessed again but only after the observation. It is 14 pages long and includes trips and key person. I only have agency support staff so have not started key worker yet.

I'm very disheartened and don't know what to do next.


Any help and advice would be really really appreciated!

Thank you


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Please don't get disheartened by your first observation and your points don't sound too bad really. Your observer has to set some targets after all. Stopping children running inside is something I think everyone has to tackle regularly, especially when children are new. As far as displays are concerned have a look at the school's display policy. I always think with young children that they need to be changed regularly, and at least one be very up to date with children's recent offerings. It is still quite early in the term to be making changes though, as you've only been in a few weeks so I would have thought your displays are very fresh. My question would always be 'Who is this display for?' My answer would determine what I did.

Don't forget that in a Reception Class it is perfectly OK for you as teacher to be the Key-person for your whole class. Many Reception teachers don't have full time support so they have to be the key-person.

Hopefully someone else on here will come along to support you over the WIGT.

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WIGT?? Sorry, being dim. What's that stand for?




What Is Good Teaching.


Surprised you dont know that one, Catma. Obviously not big in your neck of the woods although I thought it was becoming unfashionable now!

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