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HMRC are interested in actual cost of food used for income purposes - they don't give a fig about how much we charge or cost out meals and snacks. If you are ever audited you will have to show them evidence. I believe they are happy to see actual costs for a single standard week, all broken down into slurps of oil, scrapes of peanut butter and sprays of kitchen cleaner. That can then be multiplied by the number of weeks you work. But... what I really do is cost out each meal (£1.80 for tea and lunch, 90p for breakfast, 40p for a snack), count up how many meals I've served and multiply them together.


If you are with the NCMA they have a pamphlet online regarding tax and the lonely childminder.


Good luck with all that and when you've done yours, be a good lass and pop around and do mine hey?!



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