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I am new to being an Early Years Co-ordinator and I am just setting up a file. There was not one previously in this setting. I have been asked to set one up with Ofsted approaching. Any advice would be VERY grateful, I feel a little in the dark about it all.


Many thanks x

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Hi there. When I was FS coordinator, we all had broadly the same contents to our folders (so the same for KS1 and 2). The sorts of things I had in mine were:


Policies (not every school, policy but ones more likely to be more important to us eg induction policy, student handbook etc)

SDP and action plan for the early years parts of that.

Notes and minutes from staff meetings/team meeting.

Training staff attended and when they fed back to the team.

Any monitoring of teaching and learning/folders/book trawls etc.

Any reports to governors

latest OFSTED report

Cohort data/progress monitoring

Performance management targets.


Im sure Ive forgotten a few. We did at one point have planning handed in to us but it cost so many trees we dispensed with that idea after a term. Instead I always knew where planning was kept in each room and occasionally popped in to read through it as part of my monitoring role.


Does that help at all?

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Evening- we were 'Ofsteded' twoweeks ago and the most important thing, and the only thing they were interested in was the data. In my file were 'Making Figures Speak', my attainment on entry data for this year (incompleted) and last year- in percentages! This was broken down into the percentage of ch that got goal 7, 8 , 9 for every area. I really hope this makes sense.


You do need all of the pieces of information that others have mentioned for your own personal records and development and my Ofsted experience is not the same or be the same as every body else, however in my discussion with the inspector it was completely data focussed.


Good luck


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