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Just wondering if anyone knows of any really good books/websites for games such as Beans, Captain's coming, Grandmother's footsteps etc but for Nursery aged children. Keep finding loads for KS1/2 but want some simple ones - in a circle and not. Our children have regular hall times and would love to do more of these activities. Thanks!

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We did beans, bunnies sleeping etc


Do you have access to a parachute.....those games are fun


Ring o ring a roses or the hokey cokey always fun


If you have crash mats you could use them as islands and the floor as sea and so on a signal they need to be on a mat so the sharks/crocodiles/sea monsters won't get them....you could do this like musical chairs and the last one off the floor is out if you little ones could cope


Simple obstacle courses......hoops on floor and must step inside each one then some mats that you need to wriggle across on your tummy then small raised step or bench for walking along etc A fair amount of hand holding required next to the balance beam type bit but they soon get very independent/competitive and don't want to hold your hand.


Simple circuit training type thing....star jumps, then running on the spot then sit ups then catching bean bags etc


Hope there are a few ideas that you can adapt :o

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Thanks for all ideas - Reception use Sticky Kids so don't want to tread on their toes - games are all great - but is there a book with all the descriptions of how to play - so anyone could pick it up and use? Val Sabin ones all seem to be from aged 5 and want some really simple ones like Duck Duck Goose. MAybe we should write one between us and make a fortune!!!!

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The thing with stickykids is some of their "routines" are too long and the little ones particularly can get puffed out and sit it out, once that starts some of the others copy and it looks and feels as though we are doing an adult led activity which the children have no interest in! I know you can stop the CD whenever you wish to etc. but my solution was to make my own cd. So once we had chosen the stickykids tracks off of the cd we wanted to use, we burnt a new cd with bits and pieces we liked, so one CD was literally only 5 minutes long and we could pop it on when we only had a few minutes to spare, we did warm up, then marching, galloping, tip-toeing, skipping, choosing an action for ourselves and finished with wind the bobbin up. Most of the children did really like it and if some of them didn't want to join they could choose from one or two other activities while the bulk of the children did this. I daresay the copyright police would have something to say, but I had actually bought the original CD's :o


You could try Little Peter Rabbit has a fly upon his nose, that's a good one for actions. Sticky Glue although that does involve running away quickly before being caught - possiblity of over excitement!! Each child takes hold of an adult finger, up to 10 children play, you say things like sticky feet, sticky noses, ........ then say sticky glue at which time they run off if you do manage to catch one they have to stick to the adult and the game begins again until the children are all holding hands, with the first child still holding on to you while you try to catch any still left playing (does that make sense??)


We also have an adult with a chiffon scarf or similar hanging out of a back pocket and the children have to try and grab it - better than a trip to the gym!


You could fall back on party type games such as musical bumps/statues.

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The tumble-tots CDs are also great - loads of Action Songs. 'Elephants have wrinkles' is a favourite of my children. I also do things like - following in a line pretending to be a roller-coaster- stretching up gradually for going up then going faster and lower for going down, turning this way and that etc, balancing bean-bags, traffic lights game, moving to the sound of instruments (phonics!!) and using low-level apparatus (not whole class though!).

Have fun x

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These are some i use for P.E. with my reception -you can make them simpilar by doing less actions


Mr men game (like beans) move like Mr tall, Mr jelly, Mr small, mr topy turvey (walking backwards, looking where going though!)


Bop it - twist it, turn it, bop it (jump),kick it, spin it, pull it (imagine they are pulling two levers down from above their heads.


traffic lights - green (run), amber (walk), red (stop) can also add in transport actions


Pirate ship - man lifeboats (call out a number and children get into groups of that many, scrub the decks, climb the rigging, captains coming (salute), walk the plank (walk in a straight line), captains wife (curtsey), submarines (lie on floor with one leg in air), shark attack (lie on back with arm in air), port (run to left side of hall), starboard (run to right side of hall) bow run to front), stern (run to back), storm (rock from side to side)


toy story - woody (cowboy), alinky (slide along floor), rex (dinosaur and raor), soliders, buzz (put arms out and fly)


Use walking through the jungle book (different animal actions)


go on a bear hunt (see book)


also my children just love dancing to music - get some sports themes and do sports actions related to music


hope that helps (rest of stuff is at work)




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