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Hi I am experimenting with planning using stories - and I am using the little red hen story. Has anyone any good ideas for activities? I am incubating chicken eggs, making bread, maybe making butter and need somemore good ideas.


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I did this story fairly recently. Making butter is like magic and doesn't take too long if you use whipping cream. There were only 2 children in my class who knew that butter was made from milk which I found rather frightening, especially as I'm in a rural school.


Anyway, here are some of the things we did:

* built large 'art attack' style pictures of chickens

* acted out the story, using photocopied pictures stuck on pencils and added our own dialogue in the form of the excuses that the other animals might have made for not helping

* cutting out and assembling a chicken template

* ordering pictures from the story on a washing-line

* writing instructions for making bread

* ordering the process from wheat to loaf

* tracing over animals from the story

* building windmills from different construction sets (Nuts and Bolts was particulary good)

* talked about how it used to be the girls who made the butter and that as it used to take a long time, then they would make up songs

* tried bread from different cultures (looking on a map to find their country of origin), discussed which we liked/disliked and grouped and labelled individual favourites

* made models of different styles of bread using clay

* talked about the difference between the cream and resulting butter and the original bread ingredients and the finished products

* had a visit from a real chicken (I never knew chickens could make such a mess!)

* used dance to explore the chicken's movements and the actions involved in the story e.g. digging, cutting, grinding etc


Hope this is of some use.

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Lovely ideas Moose

Don't forget Rosie's walk - lovely picture by Liza in the Gallery look in members gallery CLL ideas for some props.

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We did this story during our Autumn Theme and could access lots of ears of grain which the children rubbed between their hands to get the grain out. They blew away the chaff and then put the grain in my hand coffee grinder. We (mainly me!) then turned the handle on the top and the child guessed what was happening. They were all delighted to find they had made flour. Each child had a turn and they then made some flour and water dough which they played with for ages! They also sprinkled it on the playdough to add texture, used it as a collage material in the art area and lots wanted to take some home to show m & d.

We also borrowed a fast bread maker and showed the children how to make bread from start to finish. If time is short they can just make the dough and either play with it or bake individual rolls.

Lucky for me my husband works for an animal feed company and he brought home a sack of organic wheat which we put in the sand tray. Works brilliantly with many of the sandplay toys. We filled trays with sand and planted the grain in it, watered it well and very obligingly it grew very fast! Each child had a 1/4 of the tray and made a scarecrow picture which they stuck to a lolly stick to show which was theirs. When it grew tall enough they cut it with scissors (great fun!) or left it to grow bigger.

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