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How do you do yours. When do you have time and when do you start.


All the children have a eyfs overview sheet showing all the eyfs statements. We then highlight the areas that chidren achieve. we are three weeks in to term and most children still have blank sheets.

Do you look at every area and highlight across the board or do you concentrate on one bit each week.


Hope this makes sense.



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I haven't started the sheets on my new children yet.

I am gathering info on my PLOD forms and in learning journey books but no highlighting the statements.


Third week of term seems a little early.

I am not sure but I thought base line obs were after 6 weeks in setting.


Having said all of that I too concentrate on the PSE in those first weeks anyway!

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We try and dp an initial assessment within 4 weeks of admission - nothing too heavy, we just watch them (no testing!)

we just use sticky notes as evidence, copy any pictures etc that they do and they form the basis of the initial assessment.

We would have statements coloured in but as others have said - it normally focuses on psed

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We are aiming to complete our initial assessment sheet this week (end of week 4) with basic things like being left, speaking/not speaking name/initial letter recognition etc. Then anything not yet seen can be looked for in the next few weeks. We then complete our highlighting over half term or first week back (so it is handed into me by the end of the first week back after half term) but I would only expect to see PSED and CLL highlighted at this stage anything else would be incidental (ie I have one little boy who I have lots on number for already, so would highlight that, but only because I have seen it from his interest not because I have gone looking for it if that makes sense).


We only highlight 3 times a year, at each half term interval. Records are worked on each week, and up to date, and next steps planned from that.

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How do you manage your next steps? I am doing focussed assessments (i.e. five - ten minute observations_ and creating next steps but feel stumped as to how to manage them / re-visit them effectively. Any ideas would be so helpful! Thanks!

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