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School Visit Prior To Interview


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I have been invited to look around a school prior to interview.

I was wondering if someone could tell me what generally happens

on such visits. Is it just as it suggests a visit or will I be asked

question etc.

Just want to be prepared. Job is for a SEN TA - supporting child with

ASD on one-to-one basis.


Thank you for any help.

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Have you actually been invited to interview or is this a preliminary to the application process?


Either way, I dont think you will be asked anything "technical" although it is difficult to dismiss first impressions for both parties so be prepared to be on show. Look and listen and interact with the children if you can. Get a feel for the school, the HT, the teacher you will be working with and the children generally and maybe specifically if you can.


You may have an oppportunity to ask questions too.


Although not specifically part of the interview process, this will presumably play a part as they will be looking at your interactions etc, They will want someone who gets on and can play their part.


Try to relax and enjoy your visit, its important that you get the right vibes too--is this a place where you could work, and can you work with these people etc?


Good luck.

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Hi Susan


Thank you for your reply. It has put my mind at ease somewhat.

I applied for the job at 10am and at noon I received a phone call informing

me that the headteacher would like to invite me to look around the school

prior to interview, so don't really know what to expect.

Little bit worried as my son attended there about 4 years ago prior to his move

to a special school. I had some disagreements with the then senco, she has retired now,

and also the previous headteacher, who has also now retired.

I haven't set foot in the school since, despite living around the corner (but why would I as

I have no other children). I hope my previous experience doesn't cloud my judgement.

I have supported several children who have gone on to attend this school and their

parents are happy with support offered by school.

I am sure it will be fine, as I got on well with all the other staff while my son

was there.

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Good luck with your application, asw.


I'd say that the fact that you even applied and are prepared to go inside the school again after a difficult time is a good indicator that you'll be able to put aside your personal experiences and give it a chance. That said, I'm sure your antennae will be on the lookout for signs that things have changed, and that this will help you make your decision if you are offered the job.


That is a very quick transition from application to being offered an interview, which I would take as a good sign! Let us know how you get on, won't you?

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Hi all


Just to post an update.

I have not heard from the school that invited me to look around, but got phone call from

school I had applied to over a month ago.


Things got delayed and they invited me for an interview at very short notice.

Had the interview a couple of days ago and have now been offered the job. :o


I start after half term and will be supporting a child in Reception who is on the autistic spectrum.

He has very limited speech and likes to unlike doors, so will be kept on my feet.


Looking forward to it.



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