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Hiya ladies and gents,


It has been a long whilse since I have been on, and I must apologise, I have had a really busy year with a brand new building for my pre-school on our local school site, expanding into two rooms as opposed to just the one, and I have had a baby so as you can imagine, I have been run off of my feet.


Im hoping some of you lovely professionals can help me out, A staff member of mine is taking part in a course and we have been given a load of new resources, one of them being a tuff spot tray and stand - brilliant, the only problem is we wasnt given instructions to put the stand together and we cant work it out :(


Can anyone help us out please? :oxD

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if it the same as ours then it is lots of u shaped pieces.They make the same shape as the tuff spot, but to start with just clip them into place by puting one in a u shape and the next upside down on top of one leg. you have to press hard on the buttons to slide the two ends together until it clicks in the hole. it should look like a wave. then make it into a square ish shape as you go. the tuff spots' flat edges sit on the frame.

Good luck, as even as i'm typing this i'm thinking.... i hope they get this! xD


What to put in it is up to you but the possibilities are endless. And if you want you can put the tuff spot on the floor and throw material over the frame for a den or cosy book place. just use pegs to hold the material in place!


enjoy being creative! :o

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