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Hi everyone,


Sorry in advance that this post is sooooo long to read !! Could I ask for advice please?


I'm an NQT in an odd situation. I was only offered my job as a nursery teacher less than 2 weeks ago. This was due to a nursery deciding that they were going to split their intake into 2 classes and thus needed an additional teacher. I was very excited to have got the job but it's all such a muddle and a rush at the moment!!!! I had my induction day and got to meet parents last week on the same day!!!, which was quite intense! I was also told that I'm having to share a classroom with the other usual teacher while they are building my additional classroom as an extension!!! ohmy.gif I start on monday (morning children are in and afternoon is inset though!!!) and have no idea of what to do!!!! I don't know the staff, daily routines (some children were movedup to preschool class in april and others have been in through the holidays with some of the staff), i dont know how the registration system works, what their current planning looks like or anything!!! The general plan is to share responsibility for planning between the teachers and , but the other teacher is away til tuesday, nothing is decided upon at all except the topic (All about me) which the nursery staff are all supposed to be going to help put ideas into to inform planning later next week. I half think that I should be going in with at least the first week or few days planned and at at least knowing routines. No one else seems to mind, and all are very supportive, but I feel so unprepared!!! I have a class list, staff have taken care of pegs, labels, displays, planning sheets displayed by areas of provision etc for new term already!!! Do you see anything else that I should be doing?


I've been told that I could ask the other staff to do morning introduction/register and show me the usual routines on monday if I want, but I don't know if that's a good idea or not! There would usually be 2 teachers and 4 nursery assistants. Monday there will be me and the 4 usual nursery staff.


I'm expected to plan an activity for carpet time, and I think I need to plan an adult-led activity for myself to do with the children (as I usually would need to do!) but I don't know if I need to plan anything for the other staff?! I've been told that they sometimes decide on their own activities and run them. Should I let the other staff support me and jointly try to do morning routines, should I let them show me, or should I try to be more assertive and just get on with it myself?!


I also think that I'll plan something simple like a name game for carpet time and an activity where I get children to find their name cards, then choose their favourite colour pen and I model writing their name on a label for them (Just to help me get to know each child!!!!) I don't know what resources are there really except the basics so it's difficult thinking of ideas!!!!! (I'm usually full of amazing ideas, but I think I'm a bit shocked still after the getting the job/induction/parents meetings all last week!!!!


The other teacher didn't seem too worried about me doing wonderful planning everything from day 1, just that i should 'get to know the children'.


I like to be organised, but should I be so worried?! Should I just plan carpet time and the one adult-led activitiy and go with the flow when I get there?! I'm starting to go into 'panic' mode now and any advice or ideas on what other's would do if you were in this situation would be very VERY welcome!!!! Thanks in advance for any advice you could give me!!! :)

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i dont work in school but i have friends who have been in this situation...firstly dont panic! you are doing what lots of us do and over thinking the situation!!...i think if this was my situation i would handle it one of two ways ...1. use the children...can they tell you what to do and how to do it get them on your side /ask for their help what have they done before in their previous settings/classes/ perhaps what they like and dont like. This might be a good way of getting to know them and might give you a way to plan for the next few days. let the staff help you with the resources (i find remembering where everything is takes a while...but maybe thats just me xD ) the getting to know names thing i tend to do through songs like one little elephant or hello and goodbye songs...rather than putting the children in a pressure situation where they feel they could fail if they cant find their name label (sorry that sounds a bit grumpy but you know what i mean)

2. you could use the staff and do what they say...i think if you went this way then your adult directed activity will give you the chance to sit down 1:1 or 1 to a small group to chat to the children...some will be all over you as the new person and some will probably avoid you like the plague!!...i guess the danger with using the other staff is that the children may get a bit confused about what your role is and you really want them to be going home saying"ive got a new teacher...she's really nice her name is....!(well as a parent thats what i would want anyway)

sorry just a few rambling thoughts...try not to put pressure on your self and have some fun...dont worry about the 'learning' bit yet...if you want to justify any of it just write it up under PSE!! :o

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I don't plan anything specific on the first few days back!


It s too hectic with new mums and new children, as well as those who return to us!


I would have things out, those who are returning will know where everything is to get out what they want and I would concentrate as said previously on getting to know the children rather than worrying about planning.


Nursery "routines" should be flexible at all times but particularly on the first days back.


Good luck!

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Thanks everyone for the perspective. I think I was reverting back to the usual terror of a teaching placement there where the motto was 'no plan, no teach' and they sent you home if you turned up with nothing in your folder!!! :o I think you're all right that should be concentrating on getting to know the children, then planning the focus activities around them. (it's strange how it takes someone else to say 'don't panic' before it sinks in!!)


Thanks too Finleysmaid. That was v useful! I hadn't really thought through the possible activities from the children's point of view. I think I'll find some songs and try them out! Sounds like it'd be much more enjoyable and comfortable for the children to participate in, whether they join in or just listen, and at the end of the day I'd rather them go home excited about nursery than dreading it!

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I would go in a take the support and advice offered by the experienced staff there, but have one or two activities planned as well to show that you know your role. Once you know how they manage registration and when/if they have whole group time, you can then plan for the next day to do it for yourself. As you are sharing the other teachers 'space' for a while you will probably need to work in her way initially, and the support staff will know the usual routines. The first week or two are for settling in and getting to know the children. The children will be learning their new routines. Your colleagues are your greatest allies, so if you show you will work hard and also respect their contributions, you will be fine.

Have a great time

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